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Roamer's Pledge to Peace

Give Peace a Chance

Well we have robot attack droids why not robots for peace. Over the 30 year history of Valiant’s Turtle type robots there have been many instances where Roamer has dealt with volatile students. How does Roamer do it? There are deep psychological theories, anthropological evidence, ideas of culture and semiotics – even Aristotle’s theory of mimesis working away in the background. At a more mundane level Roamer engages students in what the Principles of Educational Robotic Applications (ERA) call Sustainable Learning (aka Lifelong Learning Skills). In the UK this appears in curriculum as PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education) and Citizenship. These skills are what you are left with, a decade after school, when you forgotten what a binomial theorem was, and never knew why you learnt it in the first place. Roamer can help you learn things like the binomial theorem in a more memorable way, and it does that in a way that develops your PSHE. In doing this it touches aims and objectives of the EU’s Pledge to Peace. This posting presents the videos relevant to this ongoing project.

About the Pledge to Peace

This posting is about Roamer’s Pledge to Peace Project. However the Pledge to Peace is a wider project and Roamer and Valiant would like to encourage you to participate in anyway you feel appropriate. For more information follow the link below.

Pledge to Peace – The Brussels Declaration

The Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II Pledge to Peace

Partner in the Pledge to Peace Project

Pledge to Peace was created at the European Parliament, with the Brussels Declaration on 28 November 2011. The Convitto Nazionale was one of two schools who singed the Pledge to Peace that day. They will work with Valiant to create a Package of Peace Activities.

Roamer and Valiant Sign the Pledge to Peace

Roamer the worlds first robot for peace

On the United Nations Day of Peace, 21st September Roamer became the first robot in the world to sign the Pledge to Peace. Shortly after Valiant’s Directors Gill Manvell and Dave Catlin committed the company to Roamer’s Pledge to Peace Project.


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